Prototyping Workarounds

Hello Everyone, I was on my way to make a simple prototype showcasing how a hotspot should scroll automatically to another point in the same screen until I realized Sketch does not have that functionality (yet, hopefully)

Does anyone have any kinda of workaround for this kind of scenarios?

Thanks a lot in advance! :smiley:

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Hey Lucas!

I’m sorry, but I’m not exactly sure what you mean. From what I can gather, it seems that we don’t have that specific feature, but maybe we can find a similar feature or a workaround with a bit more info.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Jonne, how is it going? Thanks for replying.

Let me explain it better:

I needed to create an interaction that it’s target is the same artboard but a different point in the screen (or, a given height you could say) to create the effect of a button triggering an “Auto-scroll” behavior.

I looked around and I couldn’t find a workaround that looks good, do you have any tips?

Short but sad answer. It is not possible to set jump marks in Sketch that scroll to another position on the same artboard by clicking on them. :frowning:

I have already raised this feature request with Sketch support 2 years ago.

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Hi Lucas!

While i’m afraid it’s not possible to do what you are looking to do, I have come up with an option that may work for your use case (it’s hard to know for sure what exactly you need).

The short version is that it uses Prototyping Overlays for each of the “states” (positions).

I’ve done a quick demo for you and included a screen recording as well.

The main downside is that you can only scroll on the first screen (section one) and so when you view the latter sections, you can’t scroll freely until you return to the first one but I hope that it might be of some use to you!

I’ve included a copy of the document I made for the above recording as well but any questions, do let me know!

Section Anchors.sketch (5.7 MB)

I’ll also make sure to pass on this use case to our dev team as well.

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