Figjam Alternative

Hi guys, whats a good Figjam alternative that plays well with Sketch?

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Hey @YousefK!

The folks from Miro have a pretty strong integration with Sketch. They’ve also created a plugin to make the integration even stronger and seamless. Check it out!

Awesome, i appreciate the response!

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The plugin doesn’t work really — there’s an error “Some of the images to be synced were too large. Try decreasing the resolution.” The “images” are 1022x872 artboards, and I have no clue what do they mean by “decreasing the resolution”. Like what, make my artboards twice smaller?

I know it’s on Miro side, just wanted to let people know the plugin is not reliable.

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I don’t know for sure, but it could be that the actual image you have in the Sketch file is much much larger than 1022x872, but you just used the resize tool to shrink it down. I don’t believe that actually reduces the size of the image. When uploading to Miro it could be uploading the photo at its original size.

Something you could try is selecting the image in the artboard then go to Layer > Flatten Selection to Bitmap, and see if that’ll allow you to upload it.

Absolutely right … unfortunately. I have the same problem here all the time.

Freehand from Invision could still be an alternative. However, we switched to Miro years ago. In the meantime, however, Invision has improved Freehand considerably.

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I actually found Apple Freeform to be a strong competitor, but the downside is collaboration limited to iCloud. Still, I am thoroughly enjoying the app!

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Freehand by InVision is a great alternative. I’ve been using it for some time now. It’s got a nice set of unique features that designers would appreciate.

@reznikdesign @Xhaust Hey guys!

We just have heard from the folks at Miro, that they’ll be very interested to hear about these issues to potentially fix them with an update to the plugin. They have shared this link so you can get in touch!

You can also include the forum post URL so they can get all the context possible :pray: