Problems with client presentation and prototypes

I’ve been using Sketch for a long time but I’ve mainly used InVision for prototyping. Since Invision is no more after 2024 I thought I’d better start using sketch own prototyping tool. But we are not really getting along, yet. I don’t really like the way my prototypes are presented to the client. What I like(d) with Invision was that the client most times believed that they where looking at the actual website, perfectly fit to their browser etc etc. It looked more real. Am I missing something or am I stuck with the square in the middle of the screen? I also don’t see a play button on the shared art board as I do in my application… Am I missing something here as well? I’m not totally convinced, but I want to be. :slight_smile: Please help me!


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I understand the challenges you’re facing with Sketch’s prototyping tool, especially after being accustomed to the features offered by InVision. While there might be differences in functionality between the two platforms, I want to assure you that Sketch provides robust capabilities for creating compelling prototypes.

I’m excited to inform you that we’ve recently launched a beta version that introduces new features to enhance the prototyping experience. I highly recommend giving this version a try and sharing your feedback with us.

As you transition from InVision to Sketch, there might be a learning curve, but rest assured, we’re here to support you every step of the way. I encourage you to explore the various resources we offer to facilitate this transition. One valuable resource is booking a call with our Design Advocate, Jaime, who can provide personalized guidance on how Sketch can adapt to your workflow.

Here’s a list of resources:

If there is a specific situation that you would like us to look into, please feel free to share all the necessary details with us so we can investigate the matter further. If you prefer to keep the information confidential and away from the public forum, you can send us an email to

We hope this helps :crossed_fingers:

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I have no problem working in sketch with the prototyping tool. I actually think its pretty easy to work with. The main problem is that I don’t get the feel for the website design as I did in InVision, presenting it inside a square. It looks good and I understand that its ideal for app prototypes but not as good as i thought InVision worked. I also cant see the play button when sharing the art board for some reason so I don’t understand how the client could find that if they click to view all the artboards.

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I totally understand where you’re coming from. We’ve been hearing similar feedback about the prototype presentation, and it’s something we’re actively discussing with our team to make improvements. Your input here is super valuable, so thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Regarding the play button issue, you can access prototypes in the Web by clicking on the Prototypes page or thumbnails on the main document view. The play button will be available on every artboard that’s set as a Starting point in your document. I whipped up a quick video to walk you through the steps

CleanShot 2024-03-15 at 15.25.57

Give it a try, and let me know if it does the trick for you. And of course, if you’ve got any other questions or need further assistance, just give me a shout.

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I really appreciate it! Thank you so much!

I am also struggling with transitioning over from using Sketch instead of Invision for client sharing/prototyping. It seems alright for sharing mobile designs, but I do a lot of responsive web design, and for sharing desktop mockups there seems to be much less control over zoom settings. Reading through this thread did help clear up some of the view/zoom settings you can choose that weren’t obvious to me at first, but setting options are still limited. For example if my mockups are created at 1440px wide I have three zoom options, each with their own issues:

  • “Actual size” works well but can be an issue because there is always a chance that clients may have a smaller monitor in which case part of the design would be cut off for them.
  • “Fill width” kind of has the opposite issue, it works well for anyone with smaller screens, however users with large monitors will see the design scaled/stretched way up making it hard for them to tell what actual size is.
  • “Fit” does not work well at all for desktop mockups. Because desktop page mockups are typically very tall, designs are going to display much smaller than 100%.

The ideal setting, which was an option in Invision, would be to display the designs at 100% but never bigger than 100% and then scale down the design if a user had a browser smaller than the design.

The other thing I struggle with is that unless I deselect the toolbar and navigation when sharing prototype links clients can in theory see the entire file when I really only want them to see specific prototypes.

Hi @steve.parker,

Welcome to the Forum! It’s great to have you here! Thanks also for taking the time to share this feedback.

You bring a great point with the zoom options, considering your most common Artboard size (1440px wide). I’ve created a new post for this, so other Community Members can vote for it to show their interest. You can find the new topic here

In the meantime, a workaround can be to bump up the artboard size, but keep your grid and content area at 1440. Use a 1920 wide artboard and replicate the effect that the design would have on the web, which many times falls into one of these scenarios:

  • The design uses a header and/or footer pattern that stretches to fill the space if you use a wider screen
  • The design is centered and any extra space will be filled by a background (color, image, gradient, etc

Example of how a centered 1440 design would look in a 1920 artboard


Example of how a design with a repeat pattern would look in a 1920 artboard

When you play these prototypes, you’ll cover more screens and you can use the Fit Width option to scale down on smaller screens. Of course, some screens can still be larger than 1920.

I hope this is useful and please feel free to share any other ideas or feedback you have. :raised_hands:

Thanks for the additional input and making that new feature post. Hope this can be added at some point!