Plastic Tube Mock ups

I use sketch for Packaging design, normally little carboxes, labels and Plastic and Aluminum tubes.
How can I make a MOCKUP of… lets say a Plastic Tube. Where the artwork for the tube is showing on the cilindrical surface and the Tube has the right size, cap and colour?
I am a bit of a newby. I found a mockup plugin. But it asks for a “4 point Vector shape” .
Where can I do/get one of these shapes.
Thanks maiden…

Hey @maidenvoyage

Could it be that they’re just asking for a rectangle (R)?

Hi Jonne,
Thank you for you thoughts. Hmm… might be… but a tube is a cilinder… So… Yes… they might only ask for a rectangle… actually the manual shows an iphone screen…
But… I would need 3 dimensional packaging surfaces, like flasks, tubes, containers… for my task.