Angle 4 (Design+Code), iPhone devices

Hey everyone,

I just purchased Angle 4 device library from Design+Code and it alternates between crashing Sketch (i have reported) or doing nothing, nothing at all.

I have the correct plugin installed (1.1.7) and cant get it to mirror the artboard to a device symbol from the library. When I try and apply an image fill from the inspector panel it does not replicate the devices angle therefore it is unusable.

Has anyone had any success with Angle 4 devices and its plugin ?

Alternatively, does anyone know where to get vector mockups for the latest Apple devices ?


Sketch v100
MacOS Monterey 12.7.5
Angle 4
Angle plugin 1.1.7

The Angle plugin has been deprecated for quite some time already.
The Angle Readme tells you that Angle 1.1.7 is currently not compatible with new Sketch v92 and over. and that you should use this plugin for latest v92 and + GitHub - ruslanlatypov/Mockup-Plugin-for-Sketch

The Mockup plugin has worked really well for me and I think it’s even better than the previous Angle plugins as you can keep the window open for as long as you need it. (I still would love if they went with the best quality/scaling for each application by default, but well…)


Thanks Carmen,

*I found a readme file in the download confirming the depreciation of the plugin (in the download!) Which was the equivalent of buying something and opening it with a note to tell you that it doesnt work anymore. An unusual “Thank you for your purchase”.

The Mockup plugin requires you to detach the device from the library and its symbol to work so im not 100% on this workflow, yet!

**Fingers crossed they continue to maintain the plugin.