Show us your layers!

If there’s one thing designs and designers have in common, it’s having many, many layers! Some people are serious about naming their layers™️, while others are fine figuring out the difference between “Rectangle” and “Rectangle 1234”. :smirk:

Whatever it may be, layers tell us a lot about a designer and the design itself — making them a great learning tool. So we have a proposal…Let’s reveal our layers :eyes:

We’ll start!…

  • This was an interactive Prototype we showed at a convention (La Feria del Diseño 2022 — Medellin, :colombia: Colombia) to showcase Sketch, its very intuitive UI and get people familiarized with it!
  • :bulb: Fun Fact: Some people asked to see the app outside of the Prototype, and they were curious about the folders with “Screen Shot…
  • It was the perfect opportunity to tell them about Masks, how the Prototype works, and the other many cool things you can do with Sketch!

Now, it’s your turn :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:. Drop a screenshot of your design (Layer List included!) below :point_down::eyes:


Great idea! I’d love to join in.
I thought I’d share a recent app icon that I did – or rather, that I re-did in sketch, from one done a looooong time ago in another app whose name I won’t mention. * cough, Photoshop, cough *
Anyway, it was a lot easier to do in Sketch.
Have a look at some of the techniques involved, including:

  • Gradients on paths.
  • Motion blurs for directional shadows.
  • Off-centered radial gradients.
  • Masking.

I’ve included the Sketch file here, so you can have a closer look for yourself.

bolsito-icon.sketch (1.2 MB)


I always have fun doing this type of experiment in Sketch – here’s a screenshot with the layer list included:

Nowadays is too easy to keep things tidy with the “Rename All” option :blush:


the shadows on this icon are great @Brett :clap:


I thought I’d share another Sketch doc, showing the layers.
Creating the soft rounded edges was something new for me.
Ideally, I would have liked to have spent more time on it, but it was something of a rush job back on Valentine’s Day earlier this year.

Sketch file included below too.

Last Chocolate In The Box.sketch (1.1 MB)


I have always found it amazing how these creations come to be, from simple single layer effects and just smart use of effects and blending modes.

Really outstanding stuff, Bret. Thank you so much for sharing! <3

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Here’s a look at my layers for a recent disk image icon I worked on!

Sketch file: Sketch


Hi @artlambi welcome to the Forum and thanks a million for sharing your work and showing your layers! I love the icon! :raised_hands:


That’s really awesome @artlambi, thank you for sharing!

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Thanks @dfmedrano and @raulrincon!


Hi folks :wave: I saw this amazing blog post from @Gaby and @joseph and gave it a try!

I was happy with the result and decided to take it a bit further, so I used it to build a cookie settings panel. I remembered the tutorial from @Kilobyte9335 on how to create ON/OFF switches, added some interaction and boom! Here’s the result and Sketch document so you can give it a try as well!

Thanks everyone for the inspiration and cool tutorials :raised_hands:

Cookie settings.sketch (461.7 KB)


I always try to give the right names for all design elements and keep everything organized.


Ohh that’s a great practice! One that I should put more into practice :sweat_smile: Thanks for sharing Alexander!