Help, I accidentally clear the recent document

Hi Everone,

I accidentally clear the recent document.
Can I get it back?
Very important :disappointed_relieved:
on my mac

Hello @Faisal I’m sorry to hear that the recent document got cleared accidentally.

If you open a document from a local folder or the Sketch web app, it should reappear in the recent document section.

I should have added that it’s currently not possible to see the recent documents again after clearing, unfortunately.

I appreciate your help @jonne

But the mistake was because I think he’s like Figma.
I didn’t know that it would remove all files.

Different with Sketch

Is the file in the Figma example deleted or hidden from their recently viewed page? If the file is deleted, then the behaviour is very different from Sketch’s Clear Recent Documents behaviour.

In Sketch’s case, the files are not deleted if you select Clear Recent Documents. They only disappear from the Documents Window. The files are not deleted, they’re just not accessible from that Window. The files are still located where you last saved them. Either somewhere locally or on a Sketch Workspace.

I recognise that it can be inconvenient to access a document quickly, but luckily your files are not deleted. Once you start opening documents, they will appear as Recent Documents again.

Additionally, you can delete a file where it’s located, unfortunately not in the Documents Window.