Pause Smart Layout

After selecting Pause Smart Layout it gets activated after a while. That is a little bit frustrating.
I don’t understand when the pause ends and why is not paused until I hit the shortcut again.

Hi Leo,

Smart Layout is resumed once you deselect the paused group. As long as it’s selected, Smart Layout should remain paused, but if it resumes after a some time while still selected we’d need to take a look.

I’ll test this as well

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Hi Leo, I’m back after doing some tests.

I tested with final version 99.1 and beta 99.5 and Smart Layout remained paused as long as I kept the group selected. I opened other files, switched apps and Smart Layout remained paused, but please let me know if you’re seeing other results on your end :pray:

I believe I didn’t understand how it works.

Anyway, I find the implementation missing some use cases, like when moving things near a group with auto layout (things outside the group). I understand that there is a modifier to avoid the object being “captured” by the auto layout, but some ON/OFF global toggle shortcut would be easier than having to deal with every single thing in a different way (unless there is some use case I’m missing here).

Same with Adjust content on resize. That global auto ON/OFF would be nice to avoid having to click that option for small adjustments.

CleanShot 2023-12-15 at 10.41.14@2x

Hi Leo,

Yes, the Control key allows you to drop a group or layer over a Smart Layout group without inserting it. With Adjust Content on Resize, there’s no shortcut, although having one could help enable or disable this feature much faster.

I’ve added both insights as Feature Requests, thanks for sharing them