Disable smart layout momentarily

Maybe there is a way already and I’ve simply not come across it, but I would find it useful if I could disabled smart layout on the whole artboard or group I’m working on momentarily so I can e.g. insert elements by pasting them from another point in my file without all other elements moving/resizing or placing the pasted element below/next to other elements, but rather inserting that at the exact same spot I copied it from. Currently I have to disable all smart layout properties to be able to do so.

Hey Carmen! We shipped an update for this in version 99 of the Mac app, so you can now press ⌥ ⌘ L to pause Smart Layout temporarily on any group or Artboard you have selected. Smart Layout resumes when you clear your selection again. I hope that helps!

Oooh then I was simple too blind to find that functionality :sweat_smile: Thanks :pray:

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