Manage user menu won't open

On the web app, the ••• button won’t open the menu. Sometimes it’ll flash for a fraction of a second, other times it won’t open at all. I can’t change user roles or resend invites because of it. Happens on Safari, Edge, and Chrome

Hey there Nick, :wave:

I’m sorry this is happening to you.

Based on my analysis, it appears that the problem is specific to your account. Before I escalate this to our engineering team, let’s try some troubleshooting steps together.

  1. Open private windows on Chrome
  2. Go to and log in
  3. Go to the account
  4. On the add users panel select viewers and check if you can click (with no issues) the “…”

Let me know if this works.

Cheers :pray:

That seemed to work! But it’s weird because I cleared my browser data before I posted this, and was still having issues. So what about the private window made it work?

Hey Nick,:wave:

Not sure if is the case, but private browsing can disable web browser extensions.

Still, happy to see it worked.

Cheers :pray: