Keep objects centered both ways when resizing with units

I’d like to be able to resize both dimensions of an object at the same time using keyboard operators.

Here’s my issue. I’ve got this icon in the middle of a box, it’s 96x96, but I want to resize it to 64x64, exactly. It’s got his ratio locked, but.

I can use the resize handle, and try to get down to 64px. But I’d prefer using the units, it’s faster and easier.
I type in ‘64c’ in the width field, so that it stays centered. But I still have to re-center it vertically, it’s annoying.

I’d love to be able to type something like ‘64cc’, so that it resizes both dimensions to the center.
At that point why not have ‘64tr’ for icons in the top right corners?

Is there another way to do this I’m missing?

You could use the Scale tool ⌘K to do this.
But note that will scale any styles used as well.


That’s one solution, thank you.
Maybe a bit more clicks than I’d prefer but it works well.

What I like about the units also is that it affect multiple objects individually, like Illustrator’s ‘Transform each’. I guess having a toggle for independent or group scaling of multiple objects selection would be nice.

I like both your ideas – the original one of being able to set the position of the Resizing so it affects both axes at once, and also the idea of Scaling multiple selected layers independently.
I would suggest that you write to with these ideas. :+1:

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Thanks, I’ll do that.