Resize a whole UI Kit?

It’s been a while since I last used Sketch, so this may be a stupid question…

I am designing an app for a large touch screen device (horizontal full screen) and I’ve downloaded a UI Kit that I want to use. However the Kit seems to be made for smaller screens, so when I insert a button it appears way to small on Full HD or even 4K resolution. When I resize the button the font size doesn’t change, obviously, which is the desired behaviour when you want all your UI elements to use consistent font sizes. I could manually resize the symbol or text style, but I would have to do it for all the UI elements I want to use which seems like a lot of work.

Is there a way to globally resize all elements of a UI Kit (i.e. all symbols) to match the screen size I am going for? Or am I missing something? Thanks :grinning:

Hey there,

Hmm, you could potentially use the Scale (⌘K) function to perform this… :thinking:

  • Select all elements you’d like to resize (in this case, the Symbol sources!)
  • Press ⌘K
  • If you have a specific % you would like to increase these elements by, you can input that on the Inspector
  • Press ⏎ Enter, and hopefully, voila!

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