Issue when a Adding a Link to the Artboard

Sketch 99
Locked layer groups on the canvas get highlighted when Adding a Link to the Artboard.
This bug was fixed in the older version, but it’s back again. This time, it is not crashing the app, but very annoying when working with prototypes.

You also have issues with Adding Links. Sometimes, it just stops working correctly. Pressing the W keyboard shortcut, the link does not follow the pointer. Please see the video.

Hi Paulius,

Locking a layer or group will prevent it from being selected on the canvas, either directly or by drawing a selection box, but you can still edit those layers, this is why it gets picked up by the prototyping link.

I’d like to know if it’s posisble to share a bit more about your use case. With the screenshot you shared I can clearly see that the desired target are the artboards, but I’m wondering of a scenario where I have a locked group of layers that surrounds my target artboard completely, creating this undesired highlighting. Thanks in advance.

I also tested all the way back to version 94 and the behavior is the same: locked layer groups will be a valid target for a prototyping link :thinking: If you have the version number where this was different, can you share it with me please?

About the links not working properly sometimes (shown in your video), I’ve experienced this too a couple of times, although I’m still not able to reproduce it. I’ll look into it