Ipad frame on preview prototype

Hello, I just start so apologize for my question in advance, in sketch when I prototype an app for iPad or iPhone is there any option to visualize the frame of the iPad when I run preview?

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To visualize the iPad frame you need to add it you your Artboards in your Sketch document. Apple has libraries that are up to date with the latest device bezels and also template images for Home and Lock screens.

Here’s how the process looks like for adding the iPad frames to your Sketch doc:

Download and install the All Product Bezels file from Apple. This file is a library, so all you need to do is install it and you’ll be able to use the bezels in any Sketch documents!



Next, download the Templates file from iOS 18 and iPadOS 18


Once you have these two files, use the All Product Bezels file to select the iPad frame you need for your Prototype and if needed, use the Template file to get some of the designs for iPad, like a lock screen or home screen design.

Here’s a sample file I built with these same Apple documents, I hope it’s useful :pray:

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You could also vote on this suggestion, which would probably include tablet bezels as well. Adding device bezels to Artboard while prototyping

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