Adding device bezels to Artboard while prototyping

Hello, I like to share screenshots of prototypes with device bezels attached to them for better presentation. Currently, I have to manually adjust the artboard size to something bigger than the standard device artboard size so I can fit the device bezel and export it.

In Figma, I can just select a device bezel from the prototype settings, open the artboard prototype take a screenshot and share it. This is not ideal but better than what I have to do in Sketch.

Can Sketch have a feature of automatically attaching device bezels to artbaords while exporting and prototyping? Maybe provide a checkbox to attach a device bezel in the export pane in the inspector, and provide an option like in Figma to attach a device bezel to the prototypes in the Prototype tab of the inspector.


Hello Rajdeep :wave:

Although this is a great feature to be consider in the future right now you could advise to use the templates as workaround for this.

At the moment, we offer a limited range of mockup choices. However, the advantage of this feature is that you can incorporate your own templates, including your device’s bezel templates.

I recommend this as an option and if you find any alternative suggestions feel free to share with us. I know there would be more people paying attention to this.

In the meantime, we wil pass this feedback to our product team.

Cheers :pray: