Include breadcrumb links, or a back button in the override menu

When I have a symbol, or nested symbol that I am trying to override, it is often buried quite deep in the symbol hierarchy. It is very inefficient to have to navigate through the entire menu again to find the symbol that might just be in the parent directory.

So, within the override menu, if the breadcrumbs at the top were actual links that can be clicked to GO to that directory, it would much easier to do. And if not that, perhaps there is a “back” button up there which allows us to go up the directory tree.


This is a really good suggestion @jkilp

I’ll talk to the rest of the team to see what can be done about it


I NEED this!

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Yes, we need that too. I requested this exact feature months ago in the Slack Sketch Labs.

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Can the list of components support component classification that returns to the previous level?

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Merged post :point_up:

Picking an option from a drop-down menu when we don’t remember the name of a style or element can be a real pain. The mouse cursor covers unnecessary distances, and the loading time for the next panel takes too long.

I have attached a simple comparison between Sketch’s current performance and some suggestions of direction to make it faster and more efficient to work with.

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This is a very nice idea, but it’s not something that is trivial to implement. I don’t think I can overstate how much time and work it would take.

I really hope we see some improvements along this line from Apple this WWDC on Mac menus to make this possible! I really like that ‘home’ button and an overview of the path in the header.

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Muahahha I remember Sketch did something like this once where the overrides menu was replaced with expandable sections and the entire sketch community revolted. This is definitely a tricky topic!

Ouch, thanks for reminding me. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’m not sure if waiting for Apple’s moves should keep you on hold with UI changes in Sketch. I believe some of market players gains on your decision making model.

That piece of Sketch UI is slowing us and it should have been redesigned a few years ago. I can water this forum with examples like this. But after seeing yours arguments, I’m not sure if it’s not a waste.

Can you show us some screenshots of the implementation?

Of course, but planning is key. It will be a multi-quarter project and we don’t want Apple to pull the carpet from under our feet with some huge changes that put us back at square one.

I don’t personally have any screenshots, sorry - but yes. The aim of the forum going forward is for us to share some things that are WIP and to gain early feedback!

I think I saw a discussion about this in these forums as it relates to symbols, but it applies here as well… it would be nice if there was a way to more easily traverse to nearby groups in the dropdown, instead of being only in the current group, or having to start at the very top. It would have allowed for the user in the first video to more quickly navigate from black to bold group. The inclusion of an up arrow or something to jump up a level might suffice.


Merged Treword’s post as well, including votes :point_up:

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This is also a highly requested featured from our Target/Roundel creative teams. We would love to see something like this in a future release :slight_smile:


I reported this problem in v91 and suggested few solutions.