Quick access to symbol hierarchy

When working with large libraries or design systems it can be difficult to navigate all the way up, then sideways and down again through your meticulously structured and named symbol hierarchy.
In the screencast I attached I am trying to change a button instance from primary to tertiary and I guess you can see what I mean. It’s easy to drop off from that slippery menu items only to find yourself back at the beginning of level one, having to start over again, past the crocodiles, jump on the ropes, dodge the arrows…
An easy way to make this less of a skill game would be to have the elements of the breadcrumb in the symbol panel selectable, so that you can start from that node and navigate down to your target. I am not sure this is the best solution, just what springs to mind.
Thank you for listening.

Thisss :metal:

We opened a topic about this issue. Your suggestion will be very useful too. I hope the Sketch devs will make an improvement on this issue.

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Hey @ppdc Thanks for sharing. I agree that there should be an easier way to navigate when working with large libraries.

I think you’d be interested in this discussion as well. It also includes proposed suggestions by other community members. Feel free to join the discussion and let me know if it’s more convenient to merge both topics…


Hi @jonne, hi @yeb
Thank you for your replies and the links to the other discussions. I am not surprised others had the same idea of using the breadcrumb as link.
I guess it makes sense to merge the topics, the core issue is the same, simplify access for deeply nested library elements.
I’m just wondering how far down the feature backlog this sits, seeing that the discussion startet 9 months ago. :face_with_peeking_eye:

@ppdc :+1: I agree that your proposal for the breadcrumb being clickable would be a great way of saving time when we are replacing symbols.