Symbol overrides in nested symbols for clean naming in zeplin

i’m asking you guys because i can’t figure an issue that i’m dealing with since way too long. So, for the context i designed a screen on sketch with a custom library linked to my file and once done, i’m uploading my designs to zeplin for the coding part.

The thing is, i’m using nested symbols to compose my screens and overriding symbol accordingly to the context. BUT, when i’m doing an symbol override on sketch, the symbol path isn’t updates in the artboard and i’m stuck with the original path wich is oddly, containing the override in it.

Then when i’m uploading my screen to zeplin, of course everything is messed up and my devs team upset because they have to rename every sigle symbols by hand…

So, i would like to get things clean for both me and the devs, i don’t know where to look for anymore… I’ve tried many plugins (symbol namer, instance symbol namer) who works gret on renaming the symbol but not the overrided items in it.

Maybe it’s a conception side issue but i can’t figure how to do to deliver screens with clean assets naming and links, so if you have an advice for me that’s could be wonderful !

I’ve also took some screenshots to illustrate my struggle :

Thanks guys !


Hey @valentin.millet

Thanks for sharing this issue with us. This isn’t ideal, especially with the Zeplin example.

Unfortunately, we don’t update the symbol name after overriding a symbol. We are discussing this internally now, and we will keep you posted if there’s any progress on that front.

There is a workaround that might help in the meantime. Zeplin does pick up the name of the swapped symbol and displays it in the “Component” section at the top of the Specs sidebar. Additionally, the inspect tab in our web app shows the correct symbol name and information that can useful for developers.

hello @jonne ,
thanks for your reply and your hints. yes, i’ve seen the component section but it’s still not ideal for an efficent workflow. i’ll be glad to be updated if any things is updated by your side! thanks again.

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Might I suggest not using the symbol name for your export names, but instead place a slice in the symbol which you can name whatever you want, and not affect the name of the symbol for its use in Sketch?

For example…

Thanks @sonburn for your suggestion, i’ve tried quite a lot of combinaisons of slicing but in the end it seems that’s not working on nested Symbols and in the end the precious link with the zeplin library is lost in the process. I will try a bit more but i’m not really confident with this option… Thanks a lot anyway ! i’m still aware of new inputs :slight_smile: