How do I maintain designs made with an old Sketch Version (V.62)?

I need to build on sketch designs made with Version 62, and because those designs are integrated in a development Workflow, Devpt teams want to stick to the Ver.62 to avoid compatibility issues.
Which version of license should I use today if I want to iterate on this designs without compromising integration quality?
Can the desktop version be downgraded in term of features to reflect the capability of Ver.62?
Can the cooperative variant do the same?
Thanks in advance for your inputs and advises.

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There isn’t like a straightforward answer to this, since there are some alternative ways you can do this. But, we’ll try to outline them all so you know your options.

Download Sketch 62

If you’d like to keep the Document in the current version, you can go to this page and download Sketch 62. When prompted, you should be able to activate that specific version using your Workspace credentials or License Key.

Update Document

We’re not sure what your current development workflow works right now, but you can also download the latest version of Sketch (99.1), and opening the Document should update it to the latest version of the Document Model. This enables the Document to be used in newer versions of the app, plus the addition of a ton of features we have integrated to the app since Sketch 62.

Dependig on your current situation, use-case, and needs one of the options above might work. However, if you have any more specifics that you cannot share publicly, you can also reach out to us via, and we should be able to accommodate any other specifics of your workflow!

Let us know if these tips help! :bulb:

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