How can I view the remaining storage of my workspace?

I received an e-mail from sketch today that I will soon reach the storage limit of my workspace and that I should delete old projects. Now I’m asking myself/you where I can see the remaining storage (of the total 50 GB)?

Hello Christian :wave:,

To check the status of your storage, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Web App.
  2. Log in using your account credentials.
  3. At the bottom of your screen, once you have logged in, click on settings.
  4. Then, click on billing.
  5. You will be redirected to the billing page where you can check the current state of your storage.

I’d like to highlight two crucial aspects regarding storage consumption:

  • Calculation Methodology: Our storage consumption is determined using an equation that factors in the number of documents (documents stored in trash and drafts also count) along with the versions of each document. For instance, if a document contains 50 versions, each version contributes to the overall resources consumed by that document in your storage.

  • Non-Blocking Information: It is essential to mention that while offering information regarding storage usage to our users, exceeding the Workspace storage limit will not affect Editors’ ability to create and save documents.

You can read more about it on this official document: How do I manage my Workspace storage? · Sketch

I hope this helps.

Cheers :pray:

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Thanks @Cris for your quick reply,

It currently looks like this in the screenshot, after I have already deleted various projects. I have already gone far beyond 50 GB.

Could it be that every saved version of a project has a file size of 100%? I can’t explain which of the remaining projects is taking up such large amounts of data…

Hey Christian,

Regarding your question:

Could it be that every saved version of a project has a file size of 100%?

Each version of a document increases its total storage consumption. For instance, if a document begins at one gigabyte and subsequent versions increase in size, the total storage accumulates accordingly

I’m happy to investigate this further to provide you with more insights. Could you please share the email address associated with your Sketch account? For your privacy, you can email us at instead of sharing your email directly on the forum.

Cheers :pray:

The e-mail to you has just gone out. @Cris

All the documents I have downloaded so far before deleting them from the Sketch cloud were between 30-300 MB.

I now still have 54 documents in the cloud (according to the current status of my clean-up) with a total size of 68 GB. That would mean that each of the remaining documents must be more than 1 GB in size. I can’t explain this any other way than that each versioning simply has to be very large, as I assume that I will lose the versionings if I download a document locally.

In any case, it would be helpful to see within SketchCloud what size a project occupies within the cloud … or even better, how much space each versioning needs, so that perhaps within an existing project that is still needed and continues to grow, versions that have a certain age can be removed manually. #featurerequest

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