How can I change my billing plan from monthly to yearly?

I’ve been subscribing sketch with monthly plan for a year. Now I want to change it to yearly billing plan, but I just CAN’T FIND THE ENTRANCE. When I enter the People’s setting / Billing page, I can’t find any button to change it. Even after I’ve canceled the plan, I can’t change it to yearly, I can only “reactivate” it.
Please tell me what’s the problem. Did I miss something? Or changing the plan is just IMPOSSIBLE? I’m really confused now.

Hey @SylvanWang This isn’t something you can do in your Workspace settings, but if you speak to our team we can get this sorted for you :+1:

Thank you very much! I was a little bit anxious last night, now my problem has been solved.
However, I still think there should be a more straightforward way to change billing plan. At least provide a note which is easy to find and explains what’s the right way. When I found the document, it only told me go to the billing page. And the button it mentioned only allows me to reactivate my monthly billing. This behavior really confused me. Please consider my advice.

I’m glad your problem has been solved!

Thanks for the advice, we’ll take a look at it and discuss it in the team.

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