Forum’s App Icon when saved to Home Screen is all blackk

Hello! I am not sure how much control Sketch has over this behavior, but I saved the forum website to my iPhone’s Home Screen and the icon is all black.

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Good catch Jason! I’m sure we can do something here. Paging @Keir and @vladan (who are the reason why this place looks good at all :sweat_smile:).

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Thanks for letting us know Jason!
We’ll look into this and get this resolved! :+1:

I expect it’s because our icon is a black diamond on a transparent background so should be easily fixed. Will report back! :vulcan_salute:

If you add it to your Home Screen now, you should find that it’s a more suitable logo! :smiley:

Woo hoo! Looks good, thank you!

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No problem! Thanks for raising the issue!