Format Extension Name Issue (JPEG vs. JPG)

When exporting numerous art boards to “JPG” (in the Format drop down), the expected file extension is applied to each image: “.jpg”.

When exporting a single art board to “JPG” (in the Format drop down), the expected file extension IS NOT applied to each image. Instead, “.jpeg” is used.

This is unexpected behavior considering the Format drop down literally suggest you’ll end up with a “.JPG” after export (for example, when selecting .PNG, you get a .PNG). This also poses issues with front end development when updating single images that are already referenced within the code and markup (which becomes unnecessarily time consuming at scale).

Sketch 97
Mac OS

Hey @JessHeitland, welcome to the Forum!

Thanks for reporting this. I tested and I could reproduce the issue, but the other way around:

  • The jpeg extension is added when you export a single artboard
  • The expected jpg extenstion is added when you export multiple artboards

I’ll share this with the Engineering team so they can look into it.

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I just discovered what triggers the bug: changing the filename when you export. You can only change the filename when you export a single layer or artboard, so the bug only happens when you export a single layer or artboard and you change the name.

I’ve shared this with the Engineering team and in the meantime, you can avoid the bug by using the name the artboard or layer has on your document, without changing it during the export process

Thanks for the eyes on this @dfmedrano

I just ran a test:

  1. I exported three artboards using the export toggle in the design palette resulting in threes files with .jpg extension.
    2 I then exported one of the artboards, using the same means. I did not change the name when the module presented the option. This resulted in the file containing a .jpeg extension.

Could it be that the Save As overlay/module itself is somehow causing this issue?

Thanks again

Hey, can you share a video of the steps you’re following? I tested with versions from 95 to 99 and also the latest beta and when I keep the original artboard name, the extension is jpg, please see the video below:

I made the video with version 97 since you mentioned it in the OP, but it’s the same for 99.1 and beta 99.5.

I also tried single artboard export without a suffix and using the option File → Export current selection. When I keep the original name, the file is created with the expected .jpg extension :thinking:

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Here’s exporting a single artboard:

Here’s exporting 2 artboards at once. Then, 1 artboard after (no name change):

Thanks so much @JessHeitland for all the time and help!

I can’t reproduce that on my Mac. Maybe this is macOS related. I’m running Sonoma 14.2.1, which version are you running?

By the way, this issue has already been shared with the team. I just want to find a workaround so you can avoid it in the meantime.

Another option is upgrading to a later Sketch version, 99.1 and try the export without changing the filename. Would upgrading be an option?

Great question for clarity.

Venture and sooner users are not encountering this bug.
Most of us are running 12.6 Monterey. Our current version of Sketch is 97.

We’re working with IT to upgrade to 99.1. I’ll update this thread once I know more!

Thanks again, @dfmedrano