Simple "Flat" export options without folders

Right now exporting assets or artboards re-creates the file structure as defined in the layer name. For example “Components/Map/Pin” will export the Pin asset in a Map folder, inside a Components folder.

This is annoying when all you want is quickly share the Pin asset with someone. I wish there was a “Flat” export option (next to the prefix/suffix options) that just saved the file without any folder structure.

Hey there!

This is a really nice suggestion, and I can already tell you we’ve started to discuss it internally.

As a workaround, you can Copy (⌘C) and Paste (⌘V) an Artboard/Element and paste it wherever you like and Sketch will copy (and paste) a PNG of the selected element.

Try it out and let us know if that works!

That could be useful except:

  • Copy and paste uses the pixel density of the artboard. I work in 1x, so this shares a 1x version of the artboard which doesn’t look very good :sweat_smile:
  • When sharing assets for mobile handoff I usually share them in PDF or SVG and not PNG

Happy to hear you think it’s a good idea!


Those two comments/ideas were raised by some members of the team, great suggestions! (looking at you @Brett).

So we’ll make sure to add them to the report we’ll be filling for the team shortly!


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It would be nice to be able to customize the naming format (I understand this may requiere more development time).

In this case it would be nice to be able to get a file named icons_arrowCircled_right.svg instead of “Right.svg” inside “Arrow Circled” folder.

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