Exports changing during export process from what's shown on artboard

Hi, I have a rather nuanced question I haven’t been able to find information on.

In my file, a single artboard will house multiple groups of content that are turned on/off depending on which needs to be exported. There’s a ton of artboards and this is specifically how things need to be set up for our purposes.

So currently, I have to manually export out every group in each artboard for review/feedback. That means turning the other groups off, turning the right one on, etc. (things that would normally be automated)

Howeverrrr… I have noticed if I save and export, and then continue to work on the file that the exports will change. So for example, I exported out group1 and then continued to set the file up for group2. But my group1 exports show group2 even though I didn’t export group2!

The obvious answer is to wait a couple minutes after exporting before editing the file further… but I’m wondering if there’s a setting or something for this? Can I turn it off? Is it a bug? Waiting around is definitely not ideal when I have to manually export out 10+ groups in a file that has like 80 artboards… it already takes forever.

Hey @katerinacheck

I’m sorry to read this. Can we take a closer look at (a copy of) the document and the affected assets to figure out what’s going on? You can share them via productsupport@sketch.com.