Export Dialog - Show items as is not working

Sketch v100
Dialogs are inconsistent when exporting 1 or multiple images

When exporting 1 image I get this dialog where it’s not possible to see columns.

Hi Paulius. Are you able to drag out the bottom-right corner of that dialog to make it larger, and thereby revealing the Finder columns?

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Hey @Paulius, thanks for reporting this!

Indeed, this is an issue with the Finder behaviour that sometimes pops up. As @Brett said, you can try expanding the window so it shows the proper Columns!

Let us know if this helps!

Hi Brett,
Yes, I can pull out the bottom right corner. Thanks for the tip.
I didn’t know you could do that. Also, it’s not clear why do you have inconsistent dialogs.

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Hi Paulius,

The reason this happens is because the JPG export settings has three options, with an additional option in the form of a quality slider which is relevant for the JPG format, alongside “Progressive” and “Save for web”, whereas other options do not have the quality slider as it is not relevant there.

So if you had previously resized your export dialog to be as small as possible and exported a PNG for example, with just two settings of “Interlace” and “Save for web” (and no quality slider), then when you go to export a JPG after that, the additional third option will appear and the macOS will make this encroach into the Finder area, retaining the limited space you have allocated for this dialog rather than automatically expanding the window.

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