Fixed bottom element is moved to different position

Does anyone know about this issue in Sketch 99.5? I am trying to build a very simple prototype with a fixed header element and an element fixed at the bottom. When I test it in the prototype player or the iOS app, the fixed bottom element is displayed ~300 px higher (it is fixed, though) . :flushed:
Known issue? Any fix or workaround? Demo file attached.

demo fixed bottom element.sketch (1.3 MB)

Hi Fabian. :wave:
If you want the fixed element to appear at the bottom your prototype, then also fix it to the bottom of your Artboard.

When you’re working with a preset Artboard template, the original dimensions are remembered, regardless of whether the Artboard grows in height or not, and are correlated, so elements fixed to the bottom of the Artboard will match up with the bottom of the 844px tall prototype window.

Hope this helps explain the situation for you. :pray:


:confounded: D’OH!

Thank you!

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