Export to Invision, with Craft, takes ages

I usually work a lot with Sketch on my Mac, in order to create Newsletters/DEM.

In the latest 3 months when i try to export my Artboard to Invision, with the App Craft, it takes at about 45sec to find the files already created or to create a new files…very slow compared to the 5sec i was used… Sometimes also happens that, when the export is completed, it opens a different file on Invision.

It is terrible to work so slowly - please help.

Hello @betz. In these cases, I have to admit it’s tricky to determine the cause when there’s a third-party software involved. InVision, as an integration to Sketch, has not been created by us; therefore, it’s probable that the solution for this issue might be a bit out of our reach.

However, we can confirm that we haven’t heard about similar issues recently, so my best bet would be to ask InVision about it. Reading your description, it looks like the problem has a correlation to uploading content to InVision, so they might be aware of similar issues from other users.

You can contact them here. If you keep finding any issues after that, you can always write us at productsupport@sketch.com - We’ll try to help the best we can.