Drag Selection Bug?

Hey, I have been encountered this bug for some times. When I drag to select a few layers together, sometimes the Sketch would automatically includes some layers from other artboards which are not in my dragged selection. This would happen persistently to those layers until I delete these layers. One of common thing I found on those buggy layers are those empty layers which are created when detached from a component.

Not sure if anyone else encounters such a bug before.


Hi there @JACKETZK :wave:

Thanks for reaching out with this issue. :smiley:

I believe this issue has already been raised to us by another user and we we are actively working on a fix however, so we can confirm this, could you please send us an email through productsupport@sketch.com and, if possible, include a screen recording of the issue as well as a copy of your Document, it will help us greatly!

We will then reach out to you as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance! :pray: