Convert to component containing text and image variables

The situation I encountered on the actual scenario:

A group with a lot of real text data and images converted from psd needs to be organized and merged into a component, but after conversion into a component, this large amount of real text data needs to be manually copied and pasted by me to replace the text

My requirement idea:

Can I support the conversion of text data and images into variables directly when the group is turned into a component, and then I can replace the variables directly by merging and replacing each component

Of course, if there is a better alternative at the moment, you can also recommend me to try it.


Hey @tryo

I’m not completely sure what you mean. Would you mind sharing a short video with a few extra steps? That would hopefully help give us more insight in this. Thanks!

Simply put, components that have been unbundled are reconverted to components and keep their variable data