Comments text field issue with Sonoma predictive text

On the Mac app, when running Sonoma with Predictive Text [*], interacting with artboard comments has issues. Predictive text does not show up like it does in other text fields on macOS, instead the predicted part is fully input into the comment’s text field as if the user typed it out

Here’s a brief video showing the difference between Sketch comments and Mail (as an example)
Video External

You can reproduce by opening a Sketch document, create a new comment and try typing “Can you please figure out”. Sonoma will predict please and figure out and Sketch’s comment text-field will wrongly treat that prediction as if the user had typed it out.

To be clear, I type P-L-E and the comment text-field is filled with the full word please despite me never hitting A-S-E keys.

In other apps, like Mail for example, the predicted part is grayed out and not officially part of the text unless the user hits the space bar.

[*] Predictive Text is on by default after upgrading to Sonoma and the option can be found in System Settings > Keyboard > In ‘Text Input’ section, click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Input Sources’ > ‘Show Inline Predictive Text’ toggle.

This issue should be fixed in the next update to the Mac app, which will be released very soon, but you can try the Beta for it today at