Prototype Animation Issues

Issues with sliding animations in prototypes.
Running Version 98.3 (176563)
MacOSX Sonoma 14.0

Hello @Paulius :wave:

We really appreciate your proactive reporting on this matter.

Following our investigation, it appears that the issue is specifically tied to the macOS version you are using. This problem is unique to Sonoma and does not manifest in the Ventura macOS environment.

In light of how the new operating system impacts Sketch, we have taken immediate steps to escalate this matter to our engineering team. At this moment, we await their insights to provide you with a viable solution.

Rest assured, we are keeping you informed about the progress and resolution of this issue.

Your timely report has been instrumental, and we sincerely thank you for your valuable contribution.

Cheers :pray:


Same issue here. I thought I was doing something wrong, but this confirms my assumption.

Hey @Paulius and @Kilobyte9335,

Quick update – we nailed down that pesky issue and rolled out a fix in the latest Sketch Beta version! :rocket:

Feeling adventurous? Sketch Beta is available. Just keep in mind this before you hit that download button:

:electric_plug: Plugin Compatibility: Your trusty plugins might need a little pep talk to sync up with the beta vibe. Consider temporarily disabling them during your testing for a hiccup-free experience.

:arrows_counterclockwise: Multiple Versions, No Drama: MacOS plays nice with multiple Sketch versions. Keep your current version cruising alongside the beta. Test the waters, and if the beta floats your boat, make the switch without bidding farewell to the public version.

If you run into any quirks or have burning questions, this forum is the place to expose that.

Big thanks for your help on this report! :raised_hands: