Bulk symbol and style update?

I made a huge mistake back in the time: I have a single huge file that uses only local design system instead of linked library. For some reason I need to replace the local stuff with a library.

Is there a way to bulk update the following items:

  • symbols
  • appearance

I’m thinking something that lists all the symbols, appearances of a page/artboard/file and replaces with a new one?

Hey @Beegee

The Automate plugin could be of use here. it’s also briefly explained in this post (see bottom). I hope this helps to solve your problem!

Just a little extra information for you Gabor!

Sketch Automate includes a couple of specific functions I think should at least help!

The first is Change Local Symbols to Library Symbol

What this will do is allow you to swap out all of the local Symbols within your document with those that live in a Library.
If for example, the Symbols in the Library reference Text Styles within the same Library then these should all get updated accordingly as well.

The second is Find and Replace Text Style

This will let you select a Text Style and replace it with another (to make it easier to tell the difference between the Library and Local Text Styles, I would recommend adding say OLD to the end of the names of Text Styles in the local document just to remove any potential confusion there.

There are various other functions which may be of help as well but I’d recommend having a look through the Automator menu under Plugins as there are quite a few.

I hope that this helps!


Thank you guys, I try Automate

Awesome, it works! Thank you again, you and Automate saved me tons of times :slight_smile:

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