Bug with dragging gradient points... kinda

Hi. Here’s another one: I can’t click and drag gradient points. Works fine if I click first and THEN click and drag. Not a complete disaster, just requires additional clicks but is still an issue I think. It fixes itself after complete reinstall (the app + pref files) but then it comes back for some reason.

Hi Eugene,

Thanks for sharing this. I did some testing with versions 99.5 and the latest beta version and gradient points work as expected. I can click and drag them :thinking:

Can you share with us the version you’re running? Thanks!

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Yeah, I could too before the bug appeared:-) I’m on 99.5 (178873)

I think it has something to do with input focus (watch the Hex input on the video).

I had another issue related to this: in “Rename selected layers” popup Sketch couldn’t focus the input so I had to write a macros for that.

Thanks for the update! Although I’m having a bit of a hard time reproducing this, but I’ll ask my teammates to try it too!

Take a look, even when the color input field has the focus, I can move the gradient stops:

I’ll check the renaming behavior you mention too and share an update. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing. Yeah, that’s how my Sketch was behaving until recently.

Take a look, even when the color input field has the focus, I can move the gradient stops:

Not exactly. In your video the hex input gets out of focus (that’s why you have to click on it to bring focus back). In my case it stays focused no matter what.

It seems this is the key to the issue:

In my case it stays focused no matter what.

I have the opposite behavior: when I click on the gradient stop, the input field loses focus and I can move the color stop.

Are you using a pointing device like a Wacom tablet?

No, nothing like that, just a built-in trackpad and a magic mouse (disconnected 90% of the times).

Journal update: I reinstalled Sketch completely and didn’t install any plugins (yet) except “Automate”, and so far so good. Gonna add plugins slowly one by one and check how it goes. Will keep you posted.

UPD. Okay, for now it works fine most of the time. But the issue is still there but it’s kinda random this time and color HEX input doesn’t grab focus anymore (that’s good). Here’s the video (too large for inline) — CleanShot 2024-04-29 at 15.00.01 - 01 · CleanShot Cloud

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Thanks so much for sharing this video Eugene! I’ll do more testing with radial gradients. I did test them before, but I focusedmore on linear ones. I’ll share the update as soon as possible :pray:

Thanks so much for the video!

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Hi Eugene,

Thanks for your patience while I was testing this.

I think this is a case of hitting a small target with the mouse pointer. The color stops are a small target and you need to hit the interactive area with the pointer to move them. When you miss it by a few pixels it may give the impression that it’s unresponsive and something’s off.

Of course, there’s room for improvement here: make it easier to hit the target area. I’ll make sure to pass this to the team.

Take a look at this video and let me know if this is the same thing you’re experiencing or if I missed something and we need to take a closer look:

Hi Jorge. Yeah, looks like what I’m experiencing.

I’ve noticed this focus glitch occurs after I touch the “Ratio” point. Looks like after adjusting the ratio Sketch needs a click from me to see where I want the focus to be (I hope the wording makes sense:-)

Here’s a new video