Please fix this overlapping (?) scrolling bug already

On the video: I cannot reach to the very bottom of the Color panel because of this weird scrolling behaviour. Making the layer exportable helps a bit but then the whole Properties panel scrolls on its own after every mouse click.


Making the Color panel detachable (like Safari downloads) would help I think. I mean, along with fixing the bug of course.

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Hey there Eugene,

Ahh, this one keeps creeping up from time to time. It’s something we’ve tried to fix several times, but somehow keeps creeping back up on us. Would you mind shooting a message to us via We’re gathering all the affected users of this, so we can let them know when it is fixed and gather more info!


Hi Raul. Sure, no problem.

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Very very old bug. In the latest versions of Sketch, this area isn’t clickable. Re-open app may help.

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