Allow measurements to be showed in dp

Our Android developers life would be much easier if there was an option in the inspect part of the web app that allowed them to change the measurement units from pixels to dp.

Both Abstract and Zeplin allow it and you already provide a similar option for colors in the Display color as… panel.

I’ll add a +1 to an internal tracker, but honestly, this is something we’ll hardly get into, in the years to come. Pixels as a measure unit is by design, but of course, as you say, this could be a mode in our web inspector/handoff tool, and we still have a lot to explore there.

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I have had developers ask for the same. 1px = 1dp and we design our screens @1x so I simply ask them to consider the values as dp. With Zeplin it made sense because you could indicate your design was a higher density than 1x and the dp would be adjusted accordingly. If you design @1x, what would be the benefit in Sketch Cloud?

That approach certainly works for most common cases, and we also do it like that in tablet and phone designs. But when working with the 1920x1080px standard for TV app designs, that 1px=1dp rule cannot be applied and this is not a secondary topic for us, being primarily a company that design and build TV apps.

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Yea, fair enough, wasn’t trying to dismiss your needs, just curious. :slight_smile:

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