Sketch Measure (Plugin)

Hello Everyone! Does anyone remember the plugin Sketch Measure? (Sketch Measure - UTOM Design) It was a handy plugin that could add measurements to elements on an Artboard.

Does anyone know if something similar is available and compatible with version 99.5?

Many thanks,

There’s a more recent reincarnation of Sketch Measure called Sketch MeaXure. The bad news is that it also doesn’t fully support modern versions of Sketch.

The good news is that I’ve fixed it a few months ago to work on 97+: Sketch MeaXure Plugin breaked in v 97.2 - #4 by rodionovd. Feel free to give it a try (there’s a download link in the linked post) and let me know if it still works.


Thank you so much Dmitry! I’ve downloaded it and so far so good! Many thanks!


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