Zeplin vs Sketch Cloud for dev handoff?

Sending developers to our full Sketch file still feels very messy, with them having access to every single artboard and symbol in the file. Our Zeplin projects are usually a tiny subset of our Sketch files, and we like to control which screen developers should be able to see or not.

On top of that Zeplin shows device-sizes thumbnails when browsing screens whereas Sketch displays some weird tv-shaped thumbnail (unless you’re using the Pages view which similarly to what I said above feels messy).

The inspector view works well (although I find it a bit slow to load).

Using Zeplin really feels silly at this point (let alone paying for it!) and we’d much rather use Sketch but theses 2 issues are really making it hard to adopt. Are we the only ones feeling this way? Or is there a better way to do dev handoff using Sketch Cloud?

Hey Sam,

we like to control which screen developers should be able to see or not.

This is something that could be useful indeed.

Thanks for sharing I’m curious to hear what others think as well :slight_smile:

I had a conversation with our lead dev last Friday about the Sketch-Webapp vs Zeplin.

They were missing the feature of being able to categorise comments in Sketch. In Zeplin it is possible to separate comments for the developers from comments for the stakeholders or customers or the editors who make the content.

It would be enough here if, for example, you could assign colours for different types of comments.

This would make it easy for developers to recognise comments that are relevant to them and distinguish them from those that are irrelevant.

We currently do this using various emojis that we place in front of each comment … as a workaround, so to speak.

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As I mentioned here: Images changed by override in symbol instances should be exportable I would very much appreciate it if images that I have changed within symbol instances via override were also exportable, provided that I have set the image layer in the symbol to exportable.

We still use Zeplin beside Sketch because:

  1. Downloading single assets is very painful and time-wasting.
  2. The UX for inspecting is awful and slow. for every page, you should switch to inspect mode and it takes several seconds to be ready.
  3. As I mentioned here, Zeplin generates optimized assets automatically in different formats.

I should mention that Zeplin is very expensive in comparison to Sketch. 8 $ monthly for every developer and editor!

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