AI function for Grouping and Renaming layers in Sketch

How great would it be to have a button that instantly groups and logically renames layers in the tree?

Sketch team, how close are we to seeing such an awesome AI feature in our favorite design app?

Hey there!

Thank you so much for the suggestion and the comments…

Our team has already discussed adding something like this to the Mac app and we love seeing some ideas and excitement around it as well!

We’ll leave this open so we can gather how many other users would love (Use the voting system, we do take notes!)


Edit: Some of these words were taken out of context so here’s some clarification: We’re closely watching how AI evolves and have discussed some ideas on how it can be implemented, but user privacy is a top priority for us, and we feel it needs to mature more so we can have a real discussion on how to approach (if we ever). Here’s a more detailed stance.


Great Idea! One of the limited use cases where it’s alright to integrate LLMs in design tools.

Strongly agree with this!
And interesting how it can work without the Internet? Because offline Sketch is powerfully feature.

You should really capitalise and put out an official statement on the website about your ML/AI stance, I think a lot of people will want to hear this right now.

The situation with Figma not only planning to train GenAI on user content (Also on an opt-out basis) and the clear decision to reposition their flagship application in such a way as to deprioritise the hard working designers who got them where they are today, well. It’s distasteful to say the least.

For all of my personal projects, I’ve switched back to Sketch and I’m going to advocate for it actively going forward with colleagues and businesses.