Add support to open EPS

macOS Sonoma dropped native support for opening EPS files, so it’s now impossible to open EPS in Sketch.

When you attempt to import, you currently get an error message that support has been removed based on the version of Sonoma.

Despite this, Inkscape is able to open EPS files fine - presumably because they don’t depend on OS support.

Feature request is to add back support for EPS files. This is essential because all stock vector images are in EPS format, and I would expect this in a paid-for graphic software.

Thanks for the feedback and your thoughts on this, Brendon!

Indeed as you mention, we investigated this issue and found that it is due to a change in macOS Sonoma that removed support for PostScript files.

With this change, Apple removed support for EPS files from their CoreGraphics library, and their ImageIO framework which caused the app (which uses both things) to stop accepting and importing EPS files properly on any macOS version newer than Sonoma.

What we are suggesting and recommending customers at this time is to convert your EPS to PDF and then import to Sketch, which should happen with out any issues at all.

We’ll pass this along to the team so they can check out this request. Thank you!