A way to hide selection outlines?

I know that the selection outlines disappear for a few seconds when doing certain edits, but often I’d like to have more control over how long they stay hidden when doing detail-accurate designs. I have some work arounds for certain types of edits, like when I’m changing colors I will continually move the color values very slightly to keep the selection hidden, but this is not perfect, and I have no work around for when I’m positioning/resizing elements. I’m hoping for a menu/key command similar to Photoshop’s “Hide Selection” option.

Hey Mark,

Welcome to the Forum! It’s great to have you here! Yes, this is possible! All you need to do is disable an option in the View menu called “Show Layer Selection”

On the menu bar select View → Canvas → Show layer selection. Make sure the checkmark is not displayed for this option.

That’s it! This will hide layer selection outlines

Wonderful, this is exactly what I was looking for, thank you! Interestingly, when I type “Selection” in the Help menu, “Canvas → Show Layer Selection” does not show up, even though “Canvas → Show Collaborator Selection” does. This is probably why I couldn’t find it…