Cut and paste Symbols

We should be able to cut and paste symbols without breaking links, like Figma does.

Hey Leo!

Thanks for the suggestion! Our team has been looking into ways to improve the Symbol/Library workflow and we already have something like this in the list of user requested features.

However, we’d love to get more details into the user expectation on how this would work.

When you copy a Symbol from a Document (that is not a Library):

  • Does this convert the source Document into a Library?
  • Nothing changes, and the app just references the Symbol from that Document?

Getting your point of view on these questions could help a ton into building a better case for this feature to be built within the app and how the team can always works towards it meeting expectations.

In the current implementation, cutting a symbol is enough to break all the links.

Perhaps it should keep linked to the “clipboard” (or hidden symbol) until the user copy or cut something else. If the user paste the symbol in any linkable place (same document, library, etc) it should be relinked there.

There is something very interesting in the way Figma and Adobe XD keep the symbols (components) hidden when the master is deleted allowing the user to recreate it anytime.

Maybe the desirable workflow would be to just hide the symbol from the user instead of completely deleting it.

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