Ability to watermark exports

I have business stakeholders that want to have a copy (and potentially share said copy) of my draft mockups that haven’t been approved or finalized yet. I understand they want something to look at and ponder while they make decisions, but I also don’t want someone getting a hold of these mockups and thinking they’re final when they’re not.

In these cases, generating PDFs of specific flows is the easiest way to share designs without giving them access to the entire Sketch file. The ability to set a tiled watermark that covers the entire canvas with a custom message on exported PDFs and PNGs would be immensely helpful. (Draft, Pending Approval, Waiting for Content, Deferred, etc. are some personal examples that come to mind, but would want a custom fields for text and scale.


Hi Jody :wave:

Thanks for sharing this. I think using a symbol with a tiled image fill can do the job here! I gave it a try and this is what I came up with:

  1. Define a pattern with the word Draft
  2. Create a symbol with this pattern - keep it editable
  3. Export the pattern as PNG. Export @2x or @3x so you can scale or shrink it
  4. Create a new symbol with a rectangle layer that uses the exported PNG pattern as a fill. Choose Tile for the Fill option

That’s it! When you use Tile you can resize the symbol and it will be like a wrapping paper, you can stretch it as much as you want

Use layer blending modes to make the watermark darker or lighter


And you can adjust the size of the watermark word in the Tile options

Here’s the test file I used, I hope it helps :raised_hands:

Watermark test.sketch (6.1 MB)