Project ordering inconsistency


We follow a specific project order for our company based in releases. We just went from 10.9 to 10.10 and found that the ordering in the Mac app is different from the ordering in the Workspace.

Workspace orders numbering intelligently as so:

The Mac app orders numbering literally as so (we are using v97.1):

May you make the ordering consistent? Ideally following the Workspace order.

Thank you!

(PS: Having the ability to upload images to bug reports would be very helpful. Sharing externally using a document hosting service is very hard because of our organizational policies.)

Hello There :wave:

Thank you for using this space to share this information.
In our tests, we could not reproduce this issue, which could be a user-specific issue.

Because we value your privacy, feel free to reach us at with more information so we can further investigate this matter.

Cheers :pray: