Multiple hide/show nested symbols

not sure if this option really doesn’t exist. I am selecting multiple nested symbols (let’s say 20 elements) and I want to hide/show them with one click. I currently can’t do this, I have to toggle on/off each nested symbol separately.
Any solution? if not, hits is something to add please. thanks

Update: I just found a workaround. Selecting these 20 nested symbols, then I go to the Components View:

  • clicking on the reset-icon resets them all to “visible”
  • clicking on Overrides and then check the box for “No symbol”

seems to work, but it’s not very userfriendly I think. I’d rather prefer selecting all icons and clickin on the eye-icon - on/off. that’s it.


It does exist! You can use ⇧⌘H to hide a selected range of layers.

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this is great. didn’t know it and haven’t found it when searching for shortcuts. sorry and thanks Jonne!

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No problem. Happy to help!

Have a good weekend :smiley: