100 beta crashing often when editing symbol text

It’s nothing new for Sketch to crash when editing symbol text, but 100 Beta now crashes way too often. I had at least 3 crashes this morning.

Your 100 beta has too many surprises. Thanks, but again, please invest in your QA before releasing your betas to the public.

Going back to 99.5

Hey Paulius :wave:

Thanks for reporting this one! We have a log report for the crash, thanks for sharing it

Can you share a sample file with the affected symbol? I’ve been playing a lot with text symbols on the latest beta, but I haven’t seen crashes; and I tested after seeing your report but no crashes so far. It would be of great help testing the same symbol structure you have.

Many thanks in advance :pray:

I’m working on 3 files, which all crashed multiple times.
It’s extremely annoying!!!

Hi Paulius,

Sorry to hear about the multiple files crashing, I understand the frustration this casues. If I may, I’d like to insist on sharing with us a sample of the symbols or even better, a copy of the affected documents.

There are literally endless ways of setting up layers and symbols; because you can nest and group as much as you want.

My hunch is that something in the symbol setup is causing the crashes, but it’s just a hunch if I cannot see the structure that’s affected by the crash.

I’ve kept working with the Mac Beta, but so far, symbols and overrides are working as expected. I’m using nested symbols, groups, Smart Layout all this with the new features of hovers and toggles.

I hope sharing those files is possible :pray:

Hi @Paulius

Good news! The Team was worked on this and fixed it! Can you try with the latest beta? It shouldn’t crash anymore :pray:

Thanks for reporting it!

Ok, let’s try :sunglasses:

I’m no longer seeing crashes when editing text, but Sketch performance in prototyping mode is very slow on my M2 Max 32GB. Symbol manipulation in prototyping mode easily consumes 100% of my CPU. I see a 1-2 second delay when manipulating text or moving an object on the canvas. This performance issue has always been a problem for Sketch on both Intel and later Apple silicon. Will we see an improvement in performance?

I’m not sure if you know this, but this is not an issue with the Figma application. The performance difference between Sketch and Figma is huge.


Hey Paulius :wave:

We can close this crash issue now! Thanks again for reporting it and testing the fix!

About this performance report you mention, it is the same as this one right?

I see Raul left a new comment there, if you don’t mind, let’s follow the conversation over there, shall we? Thanks! :v: