What are your favorite tools?

I’m always on the lookout for awesome tools. What are your favorites and what do you like about them?

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Love love love two Mac apps I use every single day:

  1. Cleanshot X. Terrific screenshot and screencasting tool, I use it to make and annotate screenshots, record demos and presentations, etc.
  2. Yoink. A very simple “shelf” for drag and drop. I use this all the time to grab images from the web, then drop somewhere else (some apps, like Slack, don’t seem to deal well when dropping things straight from Safari). I also use it in conjunction with Cleanshot, to park some important screenshots I want to do stuff with.

I can’t live without a multiple-item clipboard manager, and after trying many, I’ve found Paste to be the best. Highly recommended. :+1:

For me:

  • https://www.raycast.com/ - it has so many amazing features that make life easier and you can customize it to fit your needs perfectly! Everyone I’ve recommended it to has absolutely loved it!

  • Also, if you’re looking for a Photoshop replacement, you have to try Pixelmator Pro - it feels like you’re using an app from the future, and it’s lightning-fast compared to Adobe products. It pairs perfectly with Sketch (maybe some plugin/collaboration?)

  • And have you heard of ‎Motion on the Mac App Store ? It’s like the little brother of Final Cut Pro, but it’s a very good replacement for After Effects, and it runs way faster than Adobe apps or even DaVinci/Fusion (especially if you’re into text animation)! I’m not sure why Apple Motion isn’t more popular.

  • And lastly, a little innocent app that turns any image into text - a huge time saver. ‎Vizion - Text Snipper on the Mac App Store

Dato is a lovely menu bar app for calendar-related stuff. I get a little preview of the month, upcoming events that day, and one-click join links for video calls. It also has this great pre-event notification that takes over your whole screen, which sounds terrible, but in practice means I’m never late for a call. :sunglasses: