Best tool for Motion Design

Could you suggest tools for creating motion design with layouts from Sketch? And it is very important to export the different parts from Sketch to this tool without much trouble.

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After Effects + this transfer plugin could be interesting

@jonne is it possible to use Blender with Sketch?

I’m not sure. They do have native SGV import, but that’s not ideal. Maybe someone else on the forum can help out!

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To be honest I mostly use ProtoPie, since there is a good import and the animations are created more like the developer’s work (type in delays, animation speed etc.). But I would say it’s just good for users who want to learn ProtoPie anyways for its other tools.

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Development seems to be slow (I’m hoping they are just in a quiet period while preparing the next major release), but Drama is very capable for motion design.

i haven’t used it, but I’m doing research.