Use an artboard as a layer

Many times, I’d like to use an artboard as a layer for other artboards.

For example, we create a screen in an artboard. Then we may want to use this screen as backgrounds for tooltips, interaction notes, or overlay in other artboards.

Yes, we know we can do this indirectly using either symbols, but it’s problematic to do so. Converting artboards to symbols to support this means that overrides may be eventually lost as changes are made for many reasons, and that we have to create all artboards in the Symbols page (which is how we like to work), which defeats the purpose of even having pages in the first place.

I’d just like to be able to “mirror” an artboard as a layer elsewhere, to specify that a given layer reflects artboard so-and-so, and that if I make any overrides to that artboard, the mirror layers elsewhere automatically update.

yes this would be useful

Interesting idea @gg-sketch thanks for sharing!