Unchecking "Insert Data at Random" does not work

When using Sketch Data, unchecking the “Insert Data at Random” checkbox doesn’t seem to have any effect: when applying a data set to a collection of symbols, the data continues to be inserted at random. Here’s a demo:

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Thank you so much for letting us know about this. We want you to know that we’re already on it and working hard to fix the issue.
Once we have the updated version ready, we’ll let you know right away.
Sorry for any trouble this has caused you.

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Hello there, @kylehalevi :wave:

I’m would like to inform you we’ve just launched the official version with a comprehensive fix for this issue. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend updating to version 98. This update should address this issue.

Many thanks for your contribution!

Cheers and happy updating! :rocket:

Great to hear!